Random Thoughts and Insecurities

Stop caring what other people think, it is a complete waste of time. Just be yourself, as long as you aren’t a murderer or a thief. Faking it till you make is also stupid. To me, if you can’t be who you say you are then you are a liar.

It’s not that easy to be yourself though, usually for most people, me included, insecurities take over. So that is what I’m working on for myself, my insecurities and I have a lot of them, unfortunately.

Now don’t get me wrong, creating websites or graphics is a different story. You have to care about your work. Having your work being judged is just part of the career. However, don’t take it personally and move on whether they like your work or not.

The best way I have found to be yourself is to not care what other people say or think. Some days are better than others, I try…

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