My Perfect Health Journey – The Start

Food Health

So I have started a new health journey. I am cutting most of my carbohydrates out of my diet, not all, but most. Gonna try that Keto diet I’ve been hearing so much about.

Body Health

Also, I am changing my workout routine as well. I think calisthenics is the way to go for now it will give me strength and muscle. I found a routine I’m going to use called Monkey Strength by Kasey Stern. It’s based off of Convict Conditioning.

I started my workout routine on February 25, 2019, as a Donkey Bitch! LOL – that’s level one and then you progress to Power Squirrel, Mountain Hawk, and then Thunder Monkey.

Yes, I will be listening to my favorite music for working out.


  • Weight lost so far: 0
  • Body fat % lost so far: 0

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