My Inking Process

I thought I would write about my inking process for drawing. It’s not really that complicated and I’m sure a lot of people draw this way.

Step 1 – Light Sketch

I Start off with a very light sketch of the main shapes I see, not adding in too many details. Once I get the main shapes in and the proportions correct I go to the next step.

Step 2 – Refine the Sketch

Now I start darkening, not too much, the main lines I see and adding in some details.

Step 3 – First Inking

Once 90 percent of the drawing is complete I start inking with a Micron 001 pen. I try to make the lines as smooth as I can. As soon as the ink is dry, start erasing all of the pencil marks.

Step 4 – Second Inking

I now will usually grab my Micron 008 pen and make the outline of the drawing thicker to give it a nice look. I will also at this time grab a brush pen and fill in any larger areas that need to be dark.

Step 5 – Third Inking

Sometimes, I’ll go through a final time and use my Micron 001 pen to add in some more details if needed.

Step 6 – Sign and Date

Yep, time to sign and date the drawing.

So that is my main process for drawing in traditional pen and ink. I’d be interested in learning how you go about inking your artwork, please leave a comment below and let me know!

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