Learning to Draw

As a kid, I used to draw for fun. I would draw animals, mostly horses. But as I got older I noticed that I wasn’t really that good at drawing, so I took some art classes in junior high and in high school. However, they would only spend like a day on how to really draw and the rest of the time it was doing clay, or bead-work or something that I was totally not in too. So eventually I just gave up.

Then came the internet, and specifically  YouTube. I have spent hours on YouTube learning how to draw in the past year. So I have been taking “classes” online to improve. I think I have improved a little. I do know that it has been a blast to draw again. I even purchased an iPad to be able to do digital art.

So here is a list of art channels and websites that I recommend


Here are a couple of ebooks for you to read too.

If you love to draw you will get better, just practice every day for as long as you can and do as many tutorials as possible. You don’t need to be born with talent to learn how to draw, because drawing is a skill.

So draw draw draw as much as possible.

I keep my drawings on Instagram, give me a follow.

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