Learning the JavaScript Library React

So in continuing my progress as a front-end web developer, I have decided to learn React.js. React.js is a JavaScript library used for creating single-page or mobile application interfaces. It’s fairly new and was created by Facebook in 2011, then released as open-source in 2013. ┬áJordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook was the one who created React.js.

Anyways, I will be creating new items on my website as well as developing an app using React.js.

React.js seems to be gaining momentum in the front-end community, this is how I became aware of it. I’ve had job offers looking for React.js developers lately. So I suppose to make myself even more valuable as a front-end developer, I should learn it.

Goals for learning React.js

  1. Find training, probably use YouTube or Udemy, maybe Lynda.com
  2. Learn React.js and build a few apps/web pages using it
  3. Add it to my arsenal of front-end coding

If all goes well, I might even start learning Angular.js.

Let me know if you know React.js or Angular.js and which one you prefer for projects.

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