How I learned the Art of Drawing

My Artistic Learning Process

So, how I learned the art of drawing. I’ve always loved looking at art drawings and paintings. The ability to put on canvas or paper what you are feeling through lines and circles is really cool. I used to draw for fun as a kid as I think most people did. When I got older I just stopped. I think it was because of the frustration of not being able to put onto paper what was in my mind. Learning is fun.

Fast forward to 2017

Going through the basement, I found some old drawing pencils and drawing paper. I drew a shark that was on one of my kid’s t-shirt and it didn’t suck too bad… lol. So I drew other items around the house, a pocket knife, my feet, my hands, coffee cups, etc, I did this for a few months, I really got into it and spent hours drawing.

Then I found Twitch Art

And that is what really piqued my interest back into drawing even more. I saw people drawing in real-time and it was awesome! I copied their techniques and found that they worked. Twitch is also how I found out about inking, which I really enjoyed looking at how the lines were thin, thick, and tapered.
Sidenote (here are my #inktober drawings for this year)

October 2018, Inktober…

A lot of people on Twitch were talking about an art challenge called Inktober, and it intrigued me further. I did a ton of research on Google and YouTube about it and decided that I too would challenge myself to draw every day in ink. It was pure fun.

After the long 30 days of Inktober

I found myself wanting to draw more and more every day and I did. I consumed YouTube “how to draw” channels daily. I even paid for some training online using Udemy and SkillShare. On Christmas, I received an Ipad Pro 12.9 and found the software program called Procreate. OMG, I love digital drawing, especially cartoons. It’s probably my favorite thing to spend time on now.


I’m still drawing daily, and I have picked up watercolor painting as well as acrylic painting. I think I want to learn more about how to draw portraits though, both in pencil and painting mediums. That’s the plan. Listening to music helps too.

So, to sum up how I learned drawing.

How I learned the art of drawing… self-taught, self-learned…lol. I didn’t go to college or any traditional art school. Though, I might someday…

I don’t know. Does anyone know if it’s worth it?
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