Day 11 Inktober2018 – Almost halfway

Inktober 2018

So, we’re half-way through #inktober2018 and I have already learned a few things.

The Good

  • I’ve noticed that my line work has become more steady and stronger.
  • I’m glad I prepare about four days in advance on what I will be drawing.
  • I’m having a blast.

The Bad

  • Drawing in ink every day is just now starting to make me want to do something else, like watercolors or just pencil or even digital art.
  • Posting to all the social media places just sucks the time away, I actually quit posting to about three platforms now.

However, I’m not even halfway through so I’m sure my thoughts and feelings about inktober will change for sure. I just hope I can keep up the steam of getting the drawings done every day.

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