The Dark Arts

Human skulls and chains

So I was following the creatives on Twitch last-night and ran across a guy drawing a raccoon eating peanut butter. I was the only one in the channel, the music was dark and evil sounding.

So the guy sees that I am there and starts up a conversation with me. The first thing he says is, “I’m going to slit your throat”, and I’m like.. okay, this guy’s crazy. I never did respond to him, but he kept repeating my username, over and over and over and over… kinda creepy.

But it stayed and watched his entire cast till the end, to which he says at the very end. “f#$% this $%*t!

The drawing was very well done though and that’s why I stayed, I get mesmerized by good art.

© 2019 • Kevin Pichette