Painting ShapesKevin Pichette

The Art of Painting Shapes

Shapes are the fundamental building blocks of visual art, a language that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers.
Kevin Pichette

Learning Composition for Paintings

The art of painting is a fascinating journey, one that involves not just the stroke of the brush but also the intricate dance of elements within the canvas.

The Journey of an Artist: Embracing Criticism and Rejection

Embarking on the path of an artist is a journey filled with passion and dedication.
Kevin Pichette

Creating the Perfect Smooth Surface on Canvas with Gesso

For artists who crave a flawless, ultra-smooth canvas surface akin to the sleekness of paper, mastering the application of gesso is a game-changer.
Artist's PerspectiveKevin Pichette

The Artist’s Perspective: Seeing the World Through a Creative Lens

The world is a canvas, and the artist's eyes are the brushes that paint the unique perspectives and experiences onto this vast canvas.
Drying AcrylicsKevin Pichette

How to Keep Acrylics from Drying Too Quickly

Acrylic painting is a beloved medium for its versatility and the vibrant colors it offers.
Smooth AcrylicsKevin Pichette

The Art of Smooth Acrylics: Techniques for a Flawless Finish

Acrylic painting is a beloved medium for its versatility and vibrant colors, but achieving a smooth, brushstroke-free finish can sometimes be a challenge.
Acrylic PortraitsKevin Pichette

Choosing Acrylic Colors for Portraits

Selecting the right acrylic colors for portrait painting is a crucial step that can significantly impact the final outcome of your artwork.
Kevin Pichette

The iPad as a Canvas: Unleashing Creativity in the Digital Age

In the realm of digital art, the iPad has emerged as a powerful and versatile tool for artists around the globe.